AERENA – Masters Edition [Online Game Code]

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AERENA Masters’ Edition is a deadly game of tactical, turn-based combat featuring competitive, cross-platform gameplay across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Build your team of Champions and Ship, arm them with the latest AEther Shells, and obliterate your opponents in one-on-one duels to the death in an original AEtherpunk universe.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of “The Games” AERENA Master’s Edition gives PC gamers an upgraded experience without the F2P hassles of long grinds and microtransactions, instead offering the entire game as a single sweet package at an incomparable price.

It is the perfect opportunity to join the game that hundreds of thousands have enjoyed already!

Trading Cards Game meets Speed Chess!

Smart positioning of your Champions and thinking ahead a few turns. That’s the key to achieve the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy’s mighty air ship. Bring the right crew of Champions to each arena and complement your setup with the right ship and AEther Shells.

The AEther must flow, it is what powers your Champions’ special actions and the AEther Shells, 3 nasty special abilities each Ship can equip.

Enjoy that moment when a plan comes together or the Schadenfreude of messing up the opponents’ strategy.

The AEther mechanics make sure every match is thrilling until the very end, it’s really only over when the final punch has been delivered!

System Requirements:
Processor:   1.7+ GHz or better
RAM:   1GB
Hard Disk:   1GB
Additional Requirements:   Broadband Internet Connection

Fast, 10 minute matches of easy to learn but hard to master tactics
4 game modes: Ranked League Match, Friendly Challenge, Survival Highscore (Single Player), Practice (Single Player)
Matches are never decided early due to the unique inverse-power mechanics, preventing matches from tilting to one side early
Large variety of possible strategies from combinations of 16 Champions, 40 Æther Shells, 5 Ships
9 different arenas with different board layouts