Ghoul Kid [Download]

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A mysterious old house lies at the end of the lane. No one knows when or why it was abandoned, only that it’s been there since before the suburban housing development 5 years ago. Anyone unfortunate enough to cross its threshold is never seen again, leading to more than a bit of neighborhood gossip. A few brave souls begin to trickle in to uncover the mystery for themselves, oblivious of the fate that awaits them… Play as Ghoul Kid, a mischievous ghost who possesses household objects to scare visitors to death. In this wave based game, Ghoul Kid cannot be seen by humans. Use your wits and abilities to manipulate household objects so you can scare people to death! Happy haunting!

System Requirements:
Processor:   Dual Core
RAM:   2 gigs
Hard Disk:   600 MB
Video Card:   DX9

Controller and keyboard support
Scare people to death, make them your friends forever!