IG: Independent Games – PC

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This exclusive compilation brings together award-winning games from the Independent Games Festival, the largest and longest running festival for independent developers in the world. This compilation has dozens of games that have it all: Action, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation, Racing, Arcade, and even a Game Kit where you can build own game without having any coding experience. Delve into games with stunning 3-D rendered ships and explosions, lead a battalion in your futuristic vehicle, or become a ninja with a thirst for gold. Awesome strategy games based on Earth and in space – creative villages, manage resources, or encounter new life forms. Build amazing bridges, collect coins in lush environments, and play unique and gorgeous puzzle games. Hundreds of puzzles, dozens of game modes, and engrossing simulations for all. Build your own levels and challenge your friends!Award winning titles.
Varying difficulty levels for novices to seasoned gamers.
Rank yourself online against players from around the globe.
An incredible compilation with games being sold individually for over $200.