Mineko’s Night Market – Shop, Sell, Craft, Race And Explore!


Mineko’s Night Market is an adventure game with a dash of just about everything else! In this game, the limit might not be imagination when you see some of the wild villagers of the market. There are lots of mysterious creatures on the island overrun by cats, but Mineko, being the curious girl she is, choose to explore the island, take part in many activities, and unravel the mystery!

There is a wealth of activities in Mineko’s Night Market for players to try while trying to make sense of the island. You can take quests for the quirky villagers, or you can go wandering about and see what you can scavenge from the land. There are also mini-games available such as cat racing (where you are ON the cat), pachinko, and whack-a-taco. These little additions add a lot to the overall game’s charm.

There are lots of interactive elements to the game as well, like crafting. You can’t just select your recipe from a menu and have the resulting item pop-up, though. Some items may have a three step process requiring certain inputs, but that just makes the crafting all the more fulfilling!


Players who fall more on the curious side may choose to delve deeper into the mystery of the island and get to know some of the villagers to get more information. The character design on the villagers is nothing short of unique and I think players will have a lot of fun trying to figure out the mysteries.

Players looking to explore the cute food stands and feline-filled town of Mineko’s Night Market have a bit of a wait before the game’s release in late 2018, but hopefully this adorable trailer does a little to hold you over.

You can check out Mineko’s Night Market’s site and follow the developer on Twitter for all the latest news!

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