New Twine Cookbook is an open-source

Heads up, interactive fiction devs: the folks at the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation have helped put together the Twine Cookbook, an open-source repository of “recipes” devs can use to do advanced tricks with Twine.

It’s a really neat effort to support Twine game dev that, according to an IFTF blog post from board member (and Cookbook contributor) Dan Cox, was heavily inspired by the established Inform Recipe Book.  

“The Twine Cookbook is the first step toward building the same type of resource that shows and describes techniques of combining macros and functionality for common tasks,” wrote Cox.

“We hope that the Cookbook will be a truly community effort. Contributions can come in different forms. You can add entirely new recipes, fill in gaps for story formats not yet covered, or even suggest recipes for others to complete.”

Sure enough, the Cookbook currently contains recipes for everything from rolling dice to timed passages; each has multiple examples to match the engine’s various story formats (Harlow, SugarCube, etc.), and may be extremely helpful to devs or would-be devs getting started with Twine.

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