Organic Panic [Online Game Code]

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It’s is a wild grown, char grilled, bash ’em up, physics action puzzler! Play 1 to 4 magically enhanced organism’s (not GMO’s), and battle your way through a barrage of crazy full flavored levels, each is totally destructible (real world materials) and features completely reactive liquids. Lava burns wooden homes down, melts cheddar chunks, and fries food fast. Ice shards crash to the ground, crushing everyone, melts (on contact with the lava) into water, water puts out fire, cools lava, and bad guys drown in water – The cycle of life continues…or not! Organic Panic is a BIG Game The single player adventure mode propels you through over 100 mind twisting levels, across 12 beautiful hand painted and animating background environments, via 4 game modes all driven by a colorful comic story, along side this you can build your own – hellish physic based contraptions and environments in minutes (with the same tools we used), and watch other players squeal and squirm trying to survive your evil traps, then share them with friends, family, and bitter enemies, but beware they get to rate them and push ’em up or down the leaderboard. Play local Co-op and Versus with friends – It’s time draining addictive fun, where you have to work together to solve maddening puzzles, Versus mode is on the close horizon and promises a new dimension in game-play dynamics and tactics.

System Requirements:
Processor:   1 Ghtz Dual Processor
Hard Disk:   2 GB available space
Video Card:   Nvidia GT 120, AMD Radeon R5 230

Recommended System Requirements:
Recommended Processor:   Intel i3
Recommended RAM:   2 GB RAM
Recommended Video Card:   Nvidia GTS 450 or AMD Radeon R7 250 or higher

Local Co-op mode – Play Organic Panic with your friends – Use your combined brain power to help each other solve mad physics based puzzles with a good side heaping of action blast ’em up!
Build your own levels – It’s simple to make your own mad physics action levels, draw shapes, drop in elements (guns, switches, mines etc) add pickups and enemies, hop in and play, then share them with the Organic Panic Community.
Comic Driven Story – The single player adventure mode is driven by a twisted comic book, with a hardcopy color comic telling the whole story being available soon.
4x Characters – Play as Kiwi, Carrot, Coconut or Cherry each with their own unique abilities and powers, learn each one, then work them together. Each character has completely unique abilities, which make for challenging gameplay and longevity.
Powerful physics engine – Using the ‘DAFT Engine’ (Destructible And Fluid Technology) completely break everything, all elements have physical properties, wood burns, metal conducts, ice melts into water, and characters can swim in water.