Raise Creatures From The Ground Up And Explore The World Of Ooblets


Ooblets features a very unique take on the farming genre by allowing you to raise adorable, and sometimes very silly, creatures (Ooblets) from carefully-cultivated land. The Ooblets are customizable and battle-able, so you can challenge the residents of the nearby small town or travel the world with a parade of your Ooblets!

Ooblets takes the best of a lot of well-known games, like the joy of farming from Harvest Moon, creature collecting/battling in Pokemon, and the overall sweetness of a small town from Animal Crossing. With all these strong features, Ooblets instills its own charm via an upbeat musical score and charming art style.

Within Ooblets, there is a wealth of things to do, which may leave players with the daunting task of what to tackle first! You could start farming away to get new Ooblets or crops to sell. You could explore the town and learn about the characters within. You could also set up your own shop and sell your wares. There is so much possibility in Ooblets that players will, no doubt, have different approaches and playthroughs.


Ooblets will also feature a high level of customization for your character and the house you live in. You can change your clothes and model your interior to your liking. There was mention of customizing Ooblets as well, which would be amazing since there was a very sharp pair of sunglasses in the trailer.

You’re going to want to have the hottest house for your dance parties when Ooblets releases mid-2018!

You can follow Ooblet’s development on their site. They also have a Patreon, if you would like to support the developer while they create Ooblets. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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