Screenshot Saturday Highlights – June 24th, 2017

Modified warriors, pixel art spaceships, and cartoon ghosts are all share the stage in this collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights.

Dead End Job
Ant Workshop | PC, PS4, Xbox One | 2018
You’re supernatural pest control in Dead End Job. That means wielding your trusty vacuum and other weapons to remove ghosts from increasingly challenging arenas.

Dream Harvest Games | PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One | 2018
Combining cyberpunk and RTS, Failure pits virtual megacorps against each other through tactical battles and hacking abilities that change the environment itself.

The Mind’s Eclipse
Donald Campbell | PC, Mac, Linux | Summer 2017
In The Mind’s Eclipse’s bleak utopia, you must rely on a mysterious AI to find your lost family. Adventure game structure means you’ll have to talk with inhabitants and solve puzzles to get further into the game’s dark narrative

Thyrian Defenders
Slynyrd | iOS, Android | 2017
Sci-fi shooter Thyrian Defenders promises frenetic bullet hell action, complete wth upgrades and ability modifications, with a fleshed-out narrative following the titular team of alien warriors.

Monothetic | PC, Xbox One
Using genetic modifcation, you can mold your DNA in roguelite shooter Beacon; death results in a new modified clone with special generic abilites and a powerful arsenal of guns and technology to destroy your alien and robotic foes

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