Screenshot Saturday Highlights – May 27th, 2017


Medieval thievery. Battles among cosmic ruins. Zero-G horror. The games in this collection of highlights span myriad genres, settings, and forms of gameplay.

Deep Sky Derelicts
Snowhound Games | PC | 2018
Set among the decaying remains of spaceships, you combat the horrors within in Deep Sky Derelicts. The title combines a gritty drawn aesthetic. deck building, turn-based battles, and party customization to deliver a unique sci-fi strategy game.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart
Veyerals | PC | 2018
Blending bullet hell and roguelite, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart pits a heavily-armed alien heart against a randomly-generated string of bosses, each filling the screen with projectiles and lasers. Stacking upgrades lets you customize your heart’s playstyle.

Hazelnut Bastille
Aloft Studios | PC, Mac, Linux
Hazelnut Bastille follows a young girl on a metroidvania adventure across a mythological land, seeking out the gifts from ancient beings as means to recover something important. You’ll explore dungeons and distant lands, wielding a wide variety of weapons and gear to survive and progress.

The Siege & The Sandfox
Cardboard Sword | PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Described as a “stealthvania”, The Siege & The Sandfox combines the exploration and intertwined paths of the metroidvania with acrobatic stealth gameplay. Across the medieval desert city, you creep through the shadows, deftly leap above guard’s heads, and silently disable enemies.

Brandon Kidwell | PC
Cosmonaut drops you into the claustrophobic corridors of drifting space vessels, filled with deadly enemies. Your main advantage is the zero-g environment, granting you the means to avoid and flee creatures in chaotic chases.

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