Screenshot Saturday Highlights – October 28th, 2017

Bleak fantasy worlds, fast paced arcade action, shadowy dungeons, vibrant mythical adventures, and more can all be found in this collection of Screenshot Saturday games.

Egor Botov | PC
A co-op action platformer, Moct takes places in an abstract pixel art fantasy land, all shadowy ruins and hazy vistas. Working together, you can defeat waves of monsters through your combined use of weapons, magic, and agility.

Gestalt: Vanguard
Metamorphosis Games | PC
Gestalt: Vanguard presents a steampunk universe through the lens of a 2D platformer, blending RPG, platforming, and puzzle game elements. Powerful mechs, spider tanks, and more all threaten your multiple characters, which range from a blade-wielding heroine to a copper armor-clad warrior.

Pixel Soldier
Accidentally Awesome | IOS, Android
A fast paced arcade game, Pixel Soldier takes place within rectangular arenas. Running along walls and ceilings and leaping across the area lets you dodge bullet hell-patterns of enemies and projectiles, while firing your own attacks.

Pehesse | PC
Pachacuti is a hand-drawn platformer inspired by Incan mythology, following an adventurous heroine who can seamlessly switch between two forms: one suited for combat, the other for running and jumping.

Sleeper’s Glade
Jakub Hakiel
An isometric action adventure, Sleeper’s Glade features calming exploration and intense melee action across a colorful isometric world that stretches from dense forest to desert wastes.

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