Starship Corporation (Early Access) [Online Game Code]

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IMPORTANT: This game is EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. Please do not PURCHASE it unless you want to actively SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT of the game and are prepared to handle with SERIOUS ISSUES and POSSIBLE INTERRUPTIONS of gameplay.

STARSHIP CORPORATION is a starship-building simulation game in which you must design and build spaceships for a hugely demanding galaxy-wide market. It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in first, where to open new offices and where to establish new markets. You must design every little detail about the interior layout of your creations, from the location of the bridge, engines, generators and crew quarters to the position of each elevator, corridor and power line. You must then gain an intergalactic reputation by testing your ships and their crew’s capabilities in a series of real-time strategy missions, to simulate emergency or combat situations, and test your vessels to their limit – and let the competition know just what they are up against.

System Requirements:
Processor:   Intel Core i5-2500 3Ghz / AMD FX-8310 or similar
Hard Disk:   2 GB available space
Video Card:   256 MB DX 9 Compliant videocard with pixel shader 3,0

Sandbox Mode with access to the Solar System’s Trade Network and its procedural generation of ship design contracts
153 unlockable rooms and facilities for construction
23 Missions for standard operation, emergencies and hostile encounters to test your ship in Crew Management
14 unlockable fuselages