Super Skelemania Is A Metroidvania Of Using Your Bony Head


Super Skelemania is all about using your head – using it like a battering ram, using it to smack enemies over the head with a headbutt, or using it to bowl your way through tight spaces. Expect to find many uses for your skull as you work your way through this single-session Metroidvania, finding fun secrets, gaining new powers, and clocking things with your cranium.

Super Skelemania offers some lighthearted action and exploration with its skinless protagonist. The skeleton hero doesn’t know why it’s on this oddball planet, but since they’re here, they may as well go exploring through the game’s five underground areas, poking around for secrets and beating up on bosses while trying not to die…again.

It’s the powers that add a delightful goofiness. Double jumping and other typical Metroidvania powers are in place, but being able to just smack an enemy with your skeletal head, bowl them over by charging with your skull, or collapsing your body into your head and bowling the whole thing through low areas adds some fun, skeleton-specific powers that play up the undead charm of the protagonist.

Super Skelemania is available for $9.99 on, GameJolt, and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Ben Allen, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.

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