Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition (PC) [Online Game Code]

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Psychedelic action evader – you’ve been warned!

Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition is a psychedelic fast-paced game. The aim is simple: you have 30 seconds to avoid deadly projectiles from a sadistic eyeball. EYE will do everything to kill you, and it includes rockets, shurikens, giant snakes, robotic tentacles and more! Surviving brings you to the next challenge, but don’t take it lightly: if you die, EYE will send you back to the previous level(s)!

Why “Black Eye Edition”? Because the challenge of this version will punch you in the face really hard!

System Requirements:
Supported OS:   Windows XP,Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 8
Processor:   SSE2 instruction set support
RAM:   300MB
Hard Disk:   80MB
Video Card:   DX9 (shader model 2.0)

A new Psychedelic mode for a mind-expanding visual experience
5 new levels wild deadly mechanics for a total of 25 unique environments
New Training mode to muscle up your game before challenging the EYE
4 difficulty modes: The further you go, the harder you are punished for your mistakes